Sunday, November 20, 2016

New GIS Tools - Build Custom Queries and Set Spatial Filters

Get better search results with queries and filters

Last month a new search tool became available to users of the Online Survey Research GIS.  The new tool allows users to build custom queries and set spatial filters. Watch the video and read the post to maximize the GIS and get better search results.

GIS access:

Dense polygon clusters:
Set a spatial filter when the screen is crowded with polygons. This will display small symbols to click rather than the polygons which can be clumsy when they're in a dense cluster.

Before filter:
Multiple polygons make selecting a single map difficult
After filter:
Smaller symbols help with selecting a single map in a crowded screen
Overlapping polygons:
Areas that have been surveyed more than once will sometimes cause polygons to hide other polygons. Setting filters will reveal all maps in the area with different symbols that still have all of the attributes of the polygons.

Before filter:
On two areas of this screen a corner record polygon is being hidden by a larger corner record polygon.
After filter:
Setting a filter will reveal all maps and display a different symbol to click and retrieve the map.
Faster searches in rural areas and higher zoom:
Map polygons are only displayed when the GIS reaches a zoom level of 1" = 600' which is acceptable for most conditions.  When searching large areas (higher than 1" = 600') a filter will display maps by symbol rather than polygon.

Before filter:
No results for Records of Survey at 1 inch = 0.5 mile
After filter:
All Records of Survey shown; click each symbol to download the map.

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