Tuesday, April 28, 2015

San Mateo County 2015 Road Projects and Monument Preservation

This is the time of year that our in-house crew is tasked with monument preservation in connection with the 25+ miles of road resurfacing.  Not only do we need to stay ahead of the crews doing repairs before the asphalt is laid; we've got to document what we find!  It's is really an enjoyable challenge and we're proud to say we've done it again.

The areas shown in blue, red and lavender are the areas we covered this year.  We've covered Coast to Bay from approximately Moss Beach to the Santa Cruz County line.

Pescadero Creek Road (click for map)

Concrete monuments like this can be found at most begin / end curves all along Pescadero Creek Road.

USGS Disk in the bridge over Alpine Creek

Gazos Creek Road (click for map)

Fence post along Gazos Creek. The original rancho map calls for a 6" x 6" post scribed "PFC". This matches the location but fire has destroyed any scribing.

Verde Road (click for map)

Hex head bolt at Highway 1.  Every time we encounter a bolt for a monument I wonder if they used a wrench to install it!

The Alameda (click for map)

12" concrete monument with pin at Santa Ana Street

Acacia Lane (click for map)

Railroad spike near Alameda de las Pulgas.
It's a bit hard to see but whomever dug the trench skipped over the railroad spike...thank you!

And many many more...looking forward to the 2016 cycle!